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If your computer’s network seems to be working poorly, there could be many causes. Luckily, at JB Computer Networking and Repair in Arizona, we offer networking services to fix whatever problems you may be running into. Read on to learn about four common issues that may be causing you problems with your computer network and contact us today.

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Wire Drops

Wire drops are what helps transfer data between one point and another. A drop is a cable that runs between the two points. At JB Computer Networking and Repair, we can analyze your drops and suggest any adjustments that may help your network.

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Cat5 and Cat6 Cables

Cat 5 and Cat6 cables are used as network cables, connecting computers and servers to modems and ISPs. Cat5 cables can handle up to 10/100/1000 Mbps at a 100MHz bandwidth, which was once considered efficient but now is on the slower end compared to other cables. Cat6 cables have been used as the backbone to networks rather than being run to workstations themselves. Cat6 cables can handle up to 10 gigabits of data for cables that are 300 feet. If you are not using the right cable, or the best cable, it could be affecting your network. We will be able to determine if you need to upgrade your cables and help you get your network back to full speed.

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Low-Voltage Wiring

Low-voltage wiring could be affecting your computer network as well. While Cat5 and Cat6 cables are both used in low-voltage wiring, it could be creating an issue in your network. Our team can come out to your location, determine if your wiring is the problem, and provide you with a variety of solutions.

Server cabinet with network cables organized.

Server Cabinet Cleanup

If your server cabinet is a tangle of wires and cables, it could make it difficult to figure out where the problem is that is causing issues with your network. We offer server cabinet cleanup services to help organize your server cabinet, find any issues, and get your network running smoothly again.

If you are having network issues, be sure to contact JB Computer Networking and Repairs today! We can help solve your network issues and get everything running smoothly again.

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